The Courage Coalition

Our Mission:


Feel It. Speak It. Live It.


Our Mission

The mission of The Courage Coalition is to empower women to be who they are and not follow the crowd. By sharing our stories, we will create a society of passionate and vision-driven women who will one day lead our world.  We will uncover the mask and step through fear by setting an example, sharing pain, tears, and stories. 




Bold in our actions

The challenge this year is to get involved, be BOLD by reaching a little beyond your comfort level through purposeful collaboration to raise awareness and drive positive change for women everywhere.




Freedom from Bondage

Declare now that you are free from bondage. Free from the stronghold you allow others to place on you. Be bold in your actions, love fearlessly and be free.




Leading with Love

Think of the great leaders, in any field, who have inspired you. Typically, you don't like them, you love them. Because they touch you. They give you something that transcends the every day ordinary and the practical, they engage you on an emotional level. LEAD WITH LOVE

Event 8.4.18 

Our mission is to empower women to be who they are. This event features four inspiring individuals recounting stories of facing giants and overcoming adversity. Come hear these stories of conquering hardships and discover your own story of courage!

*Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Please post to our Facebook page with any questions or email Shelley Armato at (Please email Shelley any dietary restrictions in advance.)


Joy Merrill

Thank you [Shelley Armato] for having the vision and the courage to host The Courage Coalition. It was life changing for me and I so appreciate all of your hard work and generosity.”


Michelle Gressel

"I left today not wearing my heart on my shoulder, but sharing it. It was a powerful moment to be authentically vulnerable to allow the healing to begin. Thank you for having faith in me and in my story. Just a bunch of pieces to make my whole heart! A moment that set me free from the bondage of hidden shame. The exact piece that was holding me back from living my fullest life. Was it comfortable...NO, but was it worth it. Ummm Ya! Thanks.”

Pendra Peh

“THANK YOU [Shelley Armato] for such a spectacular event and the opportunity to hear the stories of so many strong, beautiful and wonderful women. It feels as if God has planned for this to happen just at the right time in my life. I hope many will support this courageous movement as it will touch and change many more lives.”

Stephanie Lewis Tillman

"Thank you to Shelley Armato for the VISION, PASSION and COURAGE to follow her heart and lead the way for the COURAGE to have COURAGE. It takes many tears and pains in life to get you to the place that you can have the strength to shine as bright as Shelley. God bless you for all you do!”


"I am so glad that I was a part of this-- there was a reason why I was there-- my life it changing-- more positives to make the steps that I need to make things right and be free of my abuser--maybe--one step at a time--courage to go the distance!”



Shelley Armato was not born with a courageous belief. She discovered it. Shelley continues her personal discovery  on a daily basis by leveraging courage to help her live a bold, fulfilled, and fearless life. She believes courage can be found in all and that was her vision when founding The Courage Coalition. The Courage Coalition will give others the enlightenment to soar, to step into courage, and find their passion.